Inventors of the One Wrap Horn Wrap

     In 1990 we designed the first ever One Wrap Horn Wrap. Since then Team Roping has grown tremendously and the Royal One-Wrap has been right in the thick of it, becoming the # 1 horn wrap, used by major roping contractors.  Other company's have copied the Royal One-Wrap design but none ot them have been able to duplicate the quality or price Royal Horn Wrap has to offer! When dealing with us you're buying direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man.
     Our success is contributed to the superior selection of wraps we offer.  From the avid team roper who is looking for an economical wrap they can use in the practice pen to the roping contractor who needs a heavy duty wrap that protects and can hold up under all jackpot roping conditions. 

$23.00 Each

Discounts in quantities

  1-24    $23.00
25-49    $22.25
50-99   $21.50
100 +    $20.75


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Selected #1 Horn  Wrap 
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Custom Made 
Horn Wraps
Official Horn Wrap of all Roping Steers!!!
Discounts in Quantities
  1-6  $16.99
 7-23  $15.99
  24 + $14.99

New 2019
  Pre Order Today...     1-24 $19.00
  25-49 $18.25
50-99 $17.50
  100+ $16.75
 Buy Direct: 1.800.522.8225  or 1.801.985.9213