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Our wraps are made in the USA and will not fall apart like other wraps on the market!
Most Preferred Horn Wrap

We do not cut our wraps out at the eye! 
 Wraps that are cut out at the eye cause the rope to burn the steers forehead. 
 Double overlapped felt
 at horn base provides 
 twice the padded 
  Extra wide earflap.

 Completely felt-lined to
 give added  protection
 and durability.
 Prevents burned ears by holding ear flap firmly against head. 
Unique criss-cross fastening system will not allow wrap to twist or roll. 
 Quick and simple to put on and take off.
Celebrating 29 Years of Successful Business
Special Orders No Problem.
Hole size can be sewn smaller or larger.
Royal Horn Wrap Co. Inc.
We have this strap made to our specifications!!!
We are the only horn wrap company that offers this strap!
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